Here is another Friday 10-second tip for you to enjoy…


Pretend you are the drummer


Everyone can work on their rhythm skills more and here is a simple way how.

Put on some music and pretend you are the drummer.

What I mean by that is listen to a song and tap the drumbeat.

Get in time with the music and play the grooves.


There is no need for a guitar to be present.

Simply tap on your legs, the table or even the steering wheel when in traffic.

I remember my friend telling me he used to sit there doing this all the time while listening to songs.

Guess what, he became a really good drummer and then, soon after, a superb guitarist.


When starting out, just tap a basic pulse to get in time with the song.

A steady “thud, thud, thud” in time is enough at first.

I do this all the time when stuck in traffic.

Just be careful to do this while in traffic and not while blasting down the motorway. Tapping out a wild drumbeat at 80 mph is NOT recommended!

Anyway, rhythm is something we can work on all the time and as guitarists, it is such a core but undertaught skill.

Practise it everywhere you can.


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Enjoy your Friday!

Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination


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