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Avoiding “Popeye Arms”


One trait Popeye has is huge forearms.

As for guitarists, if their chords buzz, they often squeeze so hard with the fretting hand that…

I am surprised more don’t have big Popeye forearms.

After all, all that exertion is like a gym workout.


If a chord ever buzzes, don’t sit there squeezing it.

This only leads to soreness, discomfort, pain, possible injury, and “Popeye arms”.

This is good if you are training to be a bouncer for a nightclub (which I guess you are not!), but definitely not worth the negative side effects for us guitarists.

Instead of squeezing hard, if a chord buzzes, remove your hand, relax, and shake off the tension…

Then replace the fingers on the chord with a relaxed touch and try again.


There are some precise things you need to do to make this happen and…

This is just a smidge of what I teach in my barre chords course.

Find out more about it and how it can help all of your technique and help you master this pesky area of guitar playing once and for all.

Here’s the link:

The Ultimate Guide to Barre Chords


Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination


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