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Welcome to a new Monday post with 3 random thoughts on all things guitar, music, and life, including guitar barre chords, taking a break, and more.

I hope you enjoy…


#1 Taking breaks is good


This past year has been weird in many ways.

Last week though, the pubs opened up here in England.

So, Archie and I took my mom and stepdad out for her birthday and to buy her a lager to celebrate it (she doesn’t like champagne).


Also, as it has been the Easter holidays, I took quite a bit of time off to spend with Arch.

We had trips to go to a farm and dinosaur world, a park day, and more.

It was great, and I barely worked or played guitar.

I loved it.


…But you know what, as soon as today rolled ‘round, I got back into working on a new project, wrote a cool guitar piece for an upcoming course, and started revamping something old.

It is good to have a break and enjoy life…

Just like with guitar playing. If your playing ever feels boring, or stale, it is okay to put the guitar down for a bit to recharge.


More often than not, you will come back excited and raring to go.

Right, next one…


#2 – Tracking your progress is important


One mistake guitarists make is to not track their progress in some way.

I always advise students to make progress videos, get a notebook, and create “to-do” lists (a list of things you need to work on).

These help you see progress and spot how far you have come with your playing, which is motivating and rewarding.


Tracking where you are with your playing is also important so you can build a solid plan and know what to practise.

That’s why over the next few months, I will be revamping my main video courses, making them easier to use.

You will be able to track your progress, see which videos you have completed, and which are left to complete, and more.


It is going to take some work to do but will be well worth it…

All to make your learning experience easier, more measurable, and more productive.


#3 – The Ultimate Guide to Barre Chords (revamped)


The first course I have revamped (with the help of my ace assistant, Sofija), is:

The Ultimate Guide to Barre Chords.


The course is now smoother and easier to use.

The software allows you to track exactly where you are in the course.

You can also comment and ask questions on every page (where I and others will respond and advise if there are any particular things you need to ask).


As for the course itself, it is in-depth, yet features multiple quick insightful tips right from the off.

Therefore, you can go through it slowly and methodically, (which is ideal) or you can dive right in and get to improving your barres right away.

If I’m honest, the course has been hugely under-priced for a while now.


So, on Friday the price will go up.

Until then though, you can get it at the current low price.

If you want to improve your barre chords once and for all, in a smooth and methodical way, check out the course at the link below:

The Ultimate Guide to Barre Chords


Have a great Monday!

Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination


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