I love big bass and I cannot lie.

One thing I recommend you do is this:


“Isolate and practise the bass line”


The bass is what gives a piece of music its richness and groove.

When fingerpicking (and especially when Travis picking) the bass notes you pluck are so important.

Without them being solid, clear, and tight, the music will often sound weak and disjointed.

This is why I say, isolate the bass notes in a piece of music, and get them sounding tight before adding the melody (the bit we hum or sing).


This will help you tidy and perfect the bass in a simple and methodical way without getting overwhelmed.


Keep that in mind when fingerpicking, and especially when Travis picking.

To master your bass when fingerpicking, and improve your tone, timing, and technique, check this out below.

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Enjoy your Friday!

Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination


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