This is a pretty basic tip.

Yet it is one that EVERYONE may want to use at some point.

…Especially if your chords or chord changes are slow or awkward, even just for a certain song…


It is using ukulele style “cheat chords” as I call them.

Here’s how they work…

A ukulele only has four strings, which means on a uke you can play chords such as G, C, Em with just 1 or 2 fingers.


You can mimic this on the guitar too by…

Ignoring the two bass strings and pretending your guitar is a ukulele.

For example, using this concept on a guitar, a G chord can be played with just one finger (on the 3rd fret high E string).

There are plenty of other examples of this too where you can turn a 5 or 6-string chord into a much easier to play 4-string version.


Just make sure when doing “cheat versions” you don’t strum any unwanted strings.

It’s a simple tip, but you may find it handy!


Enjoy your Friday!

Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination


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