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When creating or improvising any sort of melody or lead you should try to use phrasing.

By “phrasing” I mean…

Where you break it up into distinct sections.


Many beginners create melodies that are just note after note after note.

They keep playing with no breaks, and everything becomes a big boring blur.

Instead, leave distinct gaps between each melodic phrase.

Kind of like a singer who pauses to take a breath.

That is what your guitar should do to.


Small pauses separate the phrases and give the music energy, contrast, and interest.

All the greats do it.

Keep this in mind if you are playing electric lead or acoustic melodies.

Phrasing is key.


Although it is mostly about acoustic guitar, there are some lessons specifically on lead guitar in the Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy (DTAA for short).

For instance, I have a specific lesson inside called…

An Introduction to Playing Lead Guitar… the Simple Yet Exciting Way!

Here is the link to join the membership and find many more lessons like this…

The Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy


Instead of me harping on about the above lesson, read the words of Don who used this lesson the other day and left this comment on the lesson page…


This was an excellent intro on lead guitar for me. It took me a bit to get into rhythm and playing the right notes. But once I did, I was having fun.

Put a lot of your ideas, (the “plus 1”, the pairs of strings, etc.) into play. Practised the last two days to your backing track and also an easy groove backing track in A minor from YouTube.

I can already see the improvement on just my 2nd day and will incorporate this into my daily practice routine.

I’ll also take your advice and play different styles of music over other backing tracks. So fun!

– Don


Have a fab day!


Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination



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