Welcome to a new weekly post with 3 random thoughts on all things guitar, music, and life, including creating guitar playlist of songs, music and socialising, and more.


#1 – The social side of music

My mom and I were talking the other day about when my band used to rehearse in our garage when I was about 20.

Every Saturday night Phil, Sefton, Jay, and I would go in the garage to drink, smoke, and laugh a lot.

Every now and then we would even play some music!

My mom would bring in some food – usually a curry, and she loved being the host.


Later on, my pals and I would head out to town to party harder.

This whole thing lasted for about 18 months every other Saturday.

Then, as we started to grow up, we didn’t party quite as hard and things were never quite like those days.


Don’t get me wrong, the guys and I are still close all these years later, but those were great times.

It just goes to show the power of music and the social side of it.

If it weren’t for music, these times would never have happened.


Music can really bring people together in very cool ways.

If you can, I highly recommend making music with friends or other people. Definitely worth thinking about when social restrictions ease.

This is a big plus of being able to play an instrument, even if you are a beginner or sound as bad as we did!


#2 – Create your own guitar playlist

I got asked the other day by DTAA member Allen to create a list of 10 songs for him to learn.

Having someone else create a guitar playlist for you is not a great idea.

Simply because someone else choosing the exact songs you want to learn is like them going clothes shopping for you and picking out your outfit.

Who knows if you will like it!


As a DTAA member, I did help Allen to create and refine his own playlist, but like I said to Allen…

The songs you learn should be ones YOU want to learn.

If someone else chooses them without your input, it is just pot luck as to whether or not you will be inspired and excited about the songs.

Right, onto the next one.


#3 – Prioritising is key

I get a lot of emails these days.

Far more than a few years ago.

This is both good and bad.

Good because it means many of you are engaged, enjoying, and interacting with my emails and products (Thanks!)

Bad because I simply cannot email everyone back.


I would love to email everyone, but it is not possible.

The way I see it is I could either write my regular emails, create new products…

Help members of the DTAA (who I always respond to)…

Interact inside the Fingerstyle 101 Facebook group…


OR I could reply to every single person each day.

I would like to do all of that, but something has to give.

It is all about priorities.

Like with your guitar playing…


There are a thousand things you can work on but a good thing to ask is, what is most important to your playing and progress right now?

Keep that in mind on your journey.


I hope you enjoyed these 3 random thoughts.   

By the way, if you want more help sorting out your priorities, a good place to start is by fixing the “7 stumbling blocks” of guitar playing.

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Have a great Tuesday!

Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination


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