Welcome to a new weekly 10-second tip.

Today’s tip is a good mental tip that I find very useful indeed. It is this…


“Never condemn, criticise, or complain”


I read a good book years ago by Dale Carnegie.

It contained the above advice and for us guitarists, it is great advice.

If you ever condemn your own playing to the trash heap, stop.

If you ever criticise your playing, stop.

If you ever complain you are not good enough, stop.


Some of you don’t do the above, but I’ve found, many guitarists, myself included, have moments where we do one or more of the above.

Watch out for any times you are unnecessarily hard on yourself with your playing.

Look out for the 3 Cs above and above all, remember, be kind to yourself.


Learning guitar, especially in the early days, is not easy.

It can be a test of our desire, passion, and strength.

Keep enjoying the journey!


Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination


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