Here is another of your quick 10-second tips this Friday.


Stop beating yourself up.


This is such a simple thing to say, but every now and then it needs saying.

If things aren’t going well, go easy on yourself.

Breathe, relax, put the guitar down, and come back again later.


The past 16 months have been hard on a lot of folks, emotionally and mentally.

Many guitarists out there have done really well, some not so, but that doesn’t matter.

Tomorrow is another day.


In my early days, I was all over the place with my playing, some days feeling like the king of the world, others like I had big fat sausage fingers.

If you ever have a bad day, remember, you are not alone.

And if this message doesn’t resonate today, keep it in mind if you ever have a bad day.


Enjoy your Friday and have fun practising too.


Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination


P.S. Remember guitar playing should be fun.

One simple way to have fun is to play beautiful music.

In the Fingerstyle Collection course, you will learn how to have fun while playing a wide variety of beautiful fingerstyle songs.

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