Here is another weekly 10-second tip.


Take the blindfold test.


The blindfold test is simple.

Play a piece of music you can play well BUT while blindfolded.

As you do so, your challenge is to keep playing the piece to a good standard.

You don’t have to use a blindfold, but you do have to make sure you do NOT look at your hands at all.

If you just close your eyes, it is easy to have a cheeky peek.

So, use a blindfold or play in the dark, whatever it takes.


This test will force you to use muscle memory, spatial awareness, and listen closely to what you are playing.

A lot of guitarists “play with their eyes” and by that I mean they focus more on seeing if something is correct rather than hearing if it sounds good.

Start with a simple piece and give the blindfold test a try!

Have a nice day.

Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination


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