Here are two more interesting emails I have got lately. I hope you find the emails and my thoughts useful…


Email #1

Which guitar stool should you use?


This was a question I got asked by DTAA member, Paul.

My usual advice is to go for something padded for comfort.

Sit on something with a backrest if you have any back issues.

Whatever you do, avoid computer chairs that have arms as these get in the way.


I also don’t recommend those “specialist” guitar stools that look like nothing more than a glorified bar stool but with a bigger price tag.

These aren’t adjustable and I found it really hard to get a good sitting position with them.

I recently bought a padded piano stool, of all things, for me to use when filming. It doesn’t have a backrest but is super comfortable and perfect for me when filming.

Sometimes I use my kitchen chair which is padded and does have a backrest.

Both allow for me to get in the ideal playing position where my body is relaxed, my posture solid, and my hands are able to move freely.

Whatever you do, make sure the chair you sit on allows this for you too.



Okay, onto email #2…

“I’m 62 and started playing about 2 years ago. 

I just play by myself and am getting a little bored, so I’m looking for new, fun playing and sounding songs to re-inspire me.

I like playing songs that are familiar to everyone and found your “April Come She Will” tutorial, which I am working on now and really enjoying.

I have to admit I am a slow learner, so your methodical breakdown of the song seems right up my alley”




Like I said to Sandra, keep enjoying it and don’t worry about being a slow learner.

Slow and methodical is far better than fast and erratic.

Once the basics are really nailed after a few years, I have found even the slowest of learners pick up speed pretty quick – it’s all about getting the fundamentals sorted and of course, having fun!

Just keep enjoying the journey.


I hope you enjoyed those two quick emails.

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Dan Thorpe

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