There is nothing more frustrating than learning something, only to forget it all!

I know that feeling.

Well, here is a simple tip to help…


“Beware of the forgetting curve”


The forgetting curve was created by a chap called Hermann Ebbinghaus in the 19th century.

He found that after learning something, if tested immediately, we can recall it 100%.

…But if tested on it 20 minutes later, accuracy drops to just 58%.

Then to 44% an hour later.

And 34% after 24 hours.

Wow, how forgetful we humans are!


One way to remember more is to simply keep recalling a piece of music you are learning throughout the day.

Don’t just learn it and then leave it a whole day.

If possible, keep picking up the guitar throughout the day, even for just a minute or so, and play the notes/chords again.

Even if you just mentally play the notes rather than plucking them…

Or you just run through the movements in your mind if there is no guitar about that is handy.

I have found those who do this (including myself), learn faster and remember better.

Try it.


The bottom line is this:

If you struggle to remember, don’t learn something and switch off from it totally. Do what it takes to keep bringing that new information back into your brain. It will “stick” better that way.


Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination


P.S. Also, learn in smaller chunks. Those that do so and follow the above advice learn better.

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