Getting good at guitar requires multiple skills to be learnt.

Just how many skills?

Dozens at least.


Strumming, chords, fingerpicking, proper technique, effective learning methods, ear training, theory, rhythms, embellishments, scales, chords, etc.

That can sound like a lot but obviously, we do it over years and years.

Every now and then though, you will want to put these skills together and see what happens.


I call this the “melting pot” and it is where you throw all your skills into a cauldron and see what magic potion comes out.

It’s good fun to jam and create and combine your skills together like this.

  • A simple way to do this is to choose a few random chords and strum them using a new strumming pattern.
  • Or you could take a song you already know and jam some lead over the top of it.
  • You can fingerpick a chord progression using a new pattern you have learnt.

There are limitless things you can do really.

The idea is just to throw it all out there and spend a few minutes having some jamming fun.

Creativity is good for the brain and great for having some random fun on the guitar!


Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination


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