What’s one piece of music that will resonate with every single person out there?

Well, it is about the one thing we all share.


The song is Happy Birthday.

Everyone has a birthday after all.

A fun thing you can do is learn this piece and play it on your guitar to a loved one on their special day.

For a birthday gift, you can even film yourself playing it on a smartphone and send it halfway across the world to a relative who you miss, using the power of technology.

Is it cheesy?

Maybe a touch, but I think it is sweet.


Either way, it is a fun way of showing your love and making someone’s birthday memorable, all with the power of your guitar playing.

Anyway, inside The Fingerstyle Collection course (which is on sale this week) there are two versions of this song for you to learn.

#1 – A very simple melody-only version anyone can learn
#2 – An impressive solo fingerstyle version featuring the melody, bass, and chords


You can build your confidence with #1 and then develop to #2 if you like, or you can even create your own hybrid version of the two.

The world is your oyster.


To find out exactly what the course features and listen to some snippets of me playing the pieces, head to this link below:

The Fingerstyle Collection – learn 18 beautiful arrangements


Have a great Friday!

Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination


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