Welcome to a new weekly 10-second tip.

Do you want to improve your sense of rhythm?

Of course, who doesn’t?

Well, this is a good little tip for improving your rhythm, especially when you are bored, waiting around, or just listening to music…


“Tap the drumbeats on your legs”


Rhythm underpins everything we do as a musician, and while great rhythm does not make one a wonderful guitarist on its own…

It certainly is fundamental.

Therefore, we should always be looking to improve our rhythm skills.

Tapping out a drumbeat and being able to keep in time with music helps.


I do it all the time, on my legs when listening to music, or on the steering wheel when in the car, or…

When a tune comes on when watching a film (probably to the annoyance of my partner, Sally).

It all helps.

By the way, you don’t have to be bashing your legs like Keith Moon, just a subtle little tap to the groove will do.

Remember, all rhythm practice is guitar practice.


Now go on, get drumming!

Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination


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