I read an interesting quote the other day.

Not from a guitarist, but this time from the great composer, Edward Elgar (born not too many miles from where I am writing this).


You may know the name, and you’ll likely know some of his most famous pieces.

The quote was this…

My idea is that there is music in the air, music all around us; the world is full of it, and you simply take as much as you require.


I love that.

It’s a great quote that hints at the fact we can play and learn music at a level that suits us.

We can go deep down the rabbit hole and discover many elements of music and play as much complicated stuff as takes our fancy…

…or we can play just what we want at a level that suits us.


Many people are encouraged to learn this or that or get told they need this one magical “hack” that will help them master the fretboard in a day or something like that.

Well, we know that’s not true.

…But what Elgar said is true.


You can learn and study guitar at your own pace and in a way that suits you.

That goes for fingerpicking, barre chords, theory, and anything else really.

I think sometimes it’s nice to have that reminder.

Just to stop, pause, and breathe a little.

Slow everything down.

Not just slowing down what you practise, but the thought process of what you choose to practise.

Sometimes that means pausing for a minute or two before you pick up the guitar and thinking about what you will play.


…And speaking of music and how it all works, I have decided to do something cool.

…And it’s inspired by my recent book launch for The Six String Lifer’s Handbook. That book was released purely for Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy members (new and old).

The launch has been such a big hit that I have decided to start releasing my most popular books in spiral-bound editions.

Plus, I plan to release future books in spiral-bound editions too.


There are a few books tentatively in the works, but they won’t be finished for a while. After all, it tends to take me many, many months to get books finished – both due to a super busy life, but also due to books being wonderful to write yet hard work too!

The next book I’m turning into a spiral-bound version is Guitarists Get Theory.

Theory is the glue that holds music together in many ways.

It helps you make sense of chords, scales, barre chords, and generally it will give you a rock-solid understanding of what you play and what you want to play.


I’ll be honest, I’m not entirely sure how many people will want this as a spiral-bound book.

That’s because a huge amount of you already have the paperback version or the PDF version.

So for that reason, I’ll be getting the publisher to print up just 50 versions of it in the next few weeks.

I will sell the book again in the future, but not for some time.


This will be an expensive book and will cost quite a bit more than most guitar books, but the value inside will be worth it.

…Especially considering that I’m also filming a series of extensive bonuses to go along with the book (this will be like a theory mini course in itself).

I’ve started filming these bonuses and the ones I’ve done so far have been ace.

Anyway, feel free to hit reply and let me know if you have any questions on theory.


I want to do an extra bonus where I address all your questions so you can have absolutely zero doubts as to how to get the best out of your playing and truly understand theory on a deeper level.

Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination


P.S. I often get asked about barre chords. I don’t really mention it all that often, but for help with your playing and your barre chords in particular, you may like to check this out…

The Ultimate Guide to Barre Chords


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