Here are two more interesting emails and comments I have got lately.

I hope you find the emails and my thoughts useful…


Email #1

“Hi Dan, I am excited to hear that you are developing a new course on strumming.  I would like to see additional more complex and varied strumming patterns accompanied with audio.  When I look at strumming patterns recommended for a song I am having a bit of difficulty with the timing of the strums in the different patterns.

Anything that may help with this in your course would be greatly appreciated. I am sure that I am not the only one who struggles with this.

 I’m actually finding it easier to fingerpick than to strum well.  I want to learn to strum well.  Thanks!”

       – Don


I am super excited about the strumming course.

It’s going to be something different from anything I’ve done before.

The basic premise of the course is that there will be three super famous songs that I’ll teach, but not in the usual way strumming songs are taught.

I’ll be teaching you how to play them at three different levels and showing you ways to spice up the strumming just like Don mentioned.


This will help you if you’re like Don, so we can get you playing the songs in a simple way with rock-solid timing… and then build upon them from there.

That’s just a little of what will be involved in the course.

I was hoping to get this course released this month, but sometimes life gets in the way (not in a bad way).


Plus, there is the spiral-bound version of the theory book coming out first (plus all the bonuses to finish).

…And just like I remind students, it’s a lesson for me that it’s a good idea to work on one thing at a time.

…Or at least focus on one thing as a primary thing and then have other secondary things.

That’s what I tell students who ever get a little overwhelmed or feel they have too much to practise.

A good lesson for the guitar and life, I think!

The course will be worth the wait when it’s out, I am certain.


Email #2

“Hi Dan, been following the lessons starting with the 3 ps. Trying to correct the fundamentals. I know this is important for me to become a decent guitarist. This workout plan seems right.

I will follow it and see how I progress. When my motivation is down, I turn to listening to the stunning songs and tell myself that this is how I want to play.

Thanks, Dan, for giving this old man hope of becoming a better guitarist.”

    – Mike


Cheers to Mike for the message.

He actually left this message inside the Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy.

The thing is bad habits are ingrained in many students – especially those who have learnt and struggled for years.

One of the things I am hot on is getting these students to fix and break these bad habits for good when they enter my world of lessons.


Sometimes you can fix some bad habits quite quickly.

…Other habits take longer, especially if you’ve played for a long time.

Yet it’s crucial to fix them – and remember the effort is always worth it.

…Because good Core Fundamental Technique is the backbone of everything we do on the guitar.

The way you sit, the way you hold the guitar, the way you touch the strings.

…It all makes a big difference, and that’s before you play a note.


I find one cannot have too many reminders of this.

It’s a bit like the Bruce Lee quote – “Be like water making its way through cracks. Do not be assertive, but adjust to the object, and you shall find a way around or through it.”

That’s a nice quote that sums up the importance of being fluid, relaxed, and at ease with the guitar.


Anyway, I hope that was helpful.

For more on technique, my eBook Essential Guitar Technique is an important one and you can get it as part of my eBook bundle below.

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Enjoy your day of practice!

Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination


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