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Here is another Friday 10-second tip for you to enjoy…

This is an unusual little one, but it’s very important to remember.

Here it is: 


Stop bending the strings out of tune when playing chords


I see a lot of guitarists make the mistake of playing a chord…

…And accidentally bending the strings out of tune.

I had a student who did this a lot at first.

He couldn’t understand why his chords sounded bad.

His guitar was in tune.

When he plucked all the notes in the chord, they were clear.

…But when he strummed it, it sounded bad.

For him, it happened a lot on a G Major chord where you have to stretch quite a bit.


If the fingers don’t want to stretch as much…

…When they land on the strings, they can sometimes accidentally bend the strings (especially the low E string).

This is not good.

It can make your chords sound woefully out of tune.

Not everyone does it, but watch out for this musicality destroyer.


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Enjoy your Friday!

Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination


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