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Improving Your Dexterity


I’ve mentioned the “Bindex” exercise a few times in the past.

This exercise is great for improving your finger dexterity and it works like this.

Play some open chords (such as G, C, Am) without using your index finger.

Your middle, ring, and pinkie are the only fretting hand fingers being used.


It’s not an easy exercise, but here’s a plan to get the most from it:

  • Choose one chord (I like the C chord as it gives me a big stretch, but starting with Am is often easier for most)
  • Use a capo (placing the capo on a higher fret, such as fret 7, can help reduce the stretch needed to play the chord)
  • Place all the fingers on the chord at the same time (this is always a good habit to get into no matter how you play your chords).
  • Do ten “reps” for your chosen chord (a “rep” means lifting the fingers off and putting them back on for each chord – don’t forget to pluck each string to listen out for dead notes).


If you can do the above, you can always try adding in some hammer-ons and pulls-off for each finger in your chosen chord.

Is that hard?

Yep, but you can build up to it, and once you can do all of the above…

You’ll be well on your way to having silky smooth finger movements.

This can help make all of your playing and the songs you jam much more enjoyable.


Right, I hope you enjoyed that tip.

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Dan Thorpe

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