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Here is another Friday 10-second tip for you to enjoy…


Use backing tracks every day

Yes, it’s such a simple tip, but playing along to backing tracks is powerful.

Doing so will help you improve your timing and musicality, possibly more than anything else.

It’s not easy though.


The first time I played along with a song, I realised that I was slowing down certain parts (the harder parts) and speeding up others (the easier parts).

It left me feeling frenetic and all over the shop…

But I learnt a lot.


So what I would do is stop the track, try to fix my errors, and then press play and try again.

There was lots of back and forth between me playing the song on my own and playing along with the recording…

It was not easy, but it got easier and easier the more I did it.

So try it too, if you don’t already use backing tracks.


If you can use backing tracks where you get a slower version and a full-speed version that helps…

Or at least try to slow down the original yourself (you can do this on YouTube).

Just make sure you focus on technique, and you don’t tense up too much (which is easily done in the heat of the moment!)


Anyway, I hope you found that useful and if you like the blues, you may want to check this out.

The 12-Bar Blues Mini Masterclass

Inside, you will learn the blues shuffle, fun riffs, and some classic licks.

You will also get backing tracks to play along with – both at full and slower speeds.


Enjoy your Friday!

Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination


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