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Just a quick one today.

I’ve talked a little bit lately about how powerful backing tracks can be for making progress on the guitar.

Well, over the last few days, I’ve been editing a new lesson where I’m teaching how to play a super famous song using some really cool backing tracks.


The link to hear and find out the song is at the bottom of this email, but first, here is a useful little lesson for you.

Simple can be incredibly powerful.

Is that an obvious lesson?



But why is it then that so many people complicate the hell out of teaching, learning, and playing the guitar?

I mean, I’ve taught students who’ve come to me for lessons and have been frustrated for years and decades.

These folks made the mistake of either learning boring strumming songs which sounded nothing like the original unless they were singing…

…Or they would learn complex fingerstyle songs from YouTube (many of which are really hard for beginners to play).


So, what I would do with these students is teach them to play a famous, easy, fun, and instantly recognisable melody on the guitar.

One which anyone could play.

I would then strum the chords and we would happily jam the tune.

And we would even swap parts to make it an ultra-jam!


This 20-minute lesson was often far more productive and enjoyable than the dozens and dozens of hours of practice they spent previously spinning their wheels on their own.

Their words, not mine.

But it was obvious to me they loved it.

Especially when I would see their eyes light up when it all “clicked”.

Each time we jammed, I’d be immensely proud.


So last week I recorded a new lesson in this style for the song, “Drunken Sailor”.

I then recorded a series of backing tracks at normal and slow speeds (making them even easier for you to use).

The last time I did this sort of lesson, it went down a storm.


You can hear a sample of the lesson below.

How to make the guitar more exciting, especially if it frustrates you


It’s fun, simple, and anyone can play it in this style.

So, if you’ve ever struggled, remember, keeping it simple and having fun is key.

Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination


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