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Today, I want to celebrate the 40th month of the Elite Guitarist Inner circle by giving you a free lesson. It is a gem of a lesson. It is my fun and fairly simple Can’t Help Falling in Love fingerstyle, by the one and only, Elvis Presley.

Beginners will be able to give this a good go, as long as you can play a few chords and are patient and have developed some decent technique.

The chords are fairly simple and the melody is very distinctive and lovely to listen to as well as play. This will be in my fingerpicking songs list for sure as I update it over time.

It is my most recent arrangement from the Elite Guitarist Inner Circle and if you like this song, style and my teaching method, then you can get 39 more fingerpicking songs all handpicked by me and road tested by my students but that is just the tip of the iceberg.

You can download the TAB here. 

I have revamped things in the Elite Guitarist Inner Circle (EGIC for short) a little.

If you have joined before you will see some cool changes.

These include the tab for the fingerpicking songs (nearly all are tabbed but a few still to go), a monthly challenge, more fingerstyle arrangements, more video tutorials in the In Focus lessons and more.

There are 160 lessons in there now with 80 of these being full song tutorials.

To say there is a massive wealth of knowledge is an understatement. There is also the newer revamped coaching aspect which is a really important part of what I do.

I don’t like to just teach songs but I want to help solve your issues and fix your problems so you can move forward and reach your goals.

If you want to join the Elite Guitarist Inner Circle, it still costs just $1 to join for your first month, with options for which membership appeals most to you, and you can decide if you want to continue or not.

As an added bonus, if you join before Sunday at midnight, you will get a free copy of my In Focus eBook and a free and fun guide titled “Getting started on fingerstyle guitar…even if you can’t yet play chords”.

Anyway, click here to find out more about the Elite Guitarist Inner Circle and enjoy this “Can’t Help Falling in Love” fingerstyle lesson!

It is a lot of fun!

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