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If you have ever wanted a practice routine for your guitar playing, this is it. It is something I call the “To-do” list and it will help you learn how to get better at guitar and get better faster.

Most practice routines are WAY too structured and are not based on individuals needs. This one is different.

It is 100% unique to you and all it takes is a few minutes per day, ideally 10 minutes, and a piece of paper.

Follow the guitar practice tips in this lesson, and you will know exactly what to practice on guitar to make more progress than ever before!

Improving is all about fixing the things that hold you back, and in this guitar lesson, I’ll show you exactly how to do that.

Along with the 5 times rule, this is very powerful. Combine the two of them together – this guitar practice routine and the 5 x rule and your playing will improve faster than ever. I mean that.

The two things are that powerful.

The problem is, no one really does either – until I nag them enough. When they do, they see the progress they make and they see real, measurable improvements which is great.

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June 21, 2019 Reply

Many thanks Dan, I will definitely incorporate the ‘to do’ list. Maybe you can help me with something else too.
Fingerstyle unexpectantly captured my imagination and I love it, and have been practising the patterns but realise I have to go into some music theory which am now doing. How to master the strumming….mainly up ….using fingers, not pick. At moment it’s loud and grating..ugh! as nails catch I think. Thanks again…..Paul
P.S. It will go on my ‘to do’ list..ha!

Dan Thorpe
June 26, 2019 Reply

Hi Paul. Glad you found it useful. When doing upstrums, only try to strum the G, B and high E strings. Don`t try to be overly precise, and ensure you strum upwards very softly at first. Keep doing “ups” over and over on the top three strings lightly until it starts to feel more natural. Watch this upstrum video too. It will help. Thanks and have a great day!

Peter Baker
August 5, 2019 Reply

I’m a beginner practising on an acoustic standard guitar and a classical guitar I’m finding it easier playing some cords such as F barred cords on the standard narrow neck than on the classical for obvious reasons. Should I perfect the cord on the standard guitar first or continue trying to get it right on both

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October 8, 2020 Reply

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