chord-changing timer

Here is another Friday 10-second tip for you to enjoy…

This is a powerful one, especially if you struggle with any chord changes.

It’s all about…


“The chord-changing timer”


This is how it works.

Simply pick two chords you struggle to change between and set a timer for 1 minute.


Round 1 – Super Slowly

  • Change back and forth between the two chords very slowly. Take at least 5 seconds to make each chord change (this will help you to use good technique).
  • Move your fingers with military-like precision as if they are an army tank with the enemy in its sights.

After the minute is up, start the 1-minute timer again, but now let’s do…


Round 2 – Fast!

  • Change chords quickly and see how many changes you can make between the two chords in this time.
  • Your fingers should move rapidly, swiftly, and at breakneck speed, much more like a Formula 1 car whizzing down the home straight.


That’s it.

We have 1 minute of slow and very precise technique-building chord changes, followed by 1 minute of fast, pushing-your-fingers-to-the-limit chord changes.

Both will help to improve your speed and accuracy.

Of course, just don’t expect it to happen overnight, but if you do this two-minute routine daily, you will see results.


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Have a great Friday!

Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination


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