Let’s talk about achievements – specifically on the guitar.

First though, here’s some inspiration from one of my favourite movies.


It is the underrated gem The Game, starring Michael Douglas and Sean Penn.

The movie stars Michael Douglas as Nicholas Van Orton, a wealthy and cranky banker.

His brother (Sean Penn) gives him the gift of “The Game” as his birthday present…

…And his life turns upside down.

What started off as a fun game tailored to Nicholas’s life soon becomes a series of disturbing and dangerous events. He finds himself losing control over his reality, questioning the boundaries between the game and his actual life.


There’s one scene where Van Orton goes to the headquarters of the “Game” company only to find it is empty and there is no trace of them.

In another, Van Orton is in a taxi and it plunges headfirst into the sea, rapidly filling with water.

The handle to open the window is missing.

Instead of panicking, he finds a solution… realising the handle has been placed weirdly in his jacket pocket.

He stays calm, attaches the handle, and escapes from drowning.

It’s intense but a classic movie in my opinion.


The moral of the movie is about how hard times and challenges transform Nicholas into a better person.

And I often say the guitar can give you a similar transformation.

Those who stick with the guitar and never quit usually go through some sort of transformation.

There are hard times and challenges, and yes, we have all felt like we’ve been drowning under the weight of all the trickiness and randomness of the guitar world.

If you have, it’s time to get clarity and know exactly what to practise.


Yesterday, I mentioned the announcement of the “5-Star Award”…

This is a simple roadmap that will help you know exactly what to practise with crystal clear clarity from the moment you start using it.

The “5-Star Award” will give you motivation, a huge sense of accomplishment, and a fantastic achievement.

This is something I just never really see at all in the guitar world.

Instead, a lot of people just teach “more, more, more” without any sort of clarity.


Anyway, so where do you begin with the “5-Star Award”?

Well, with Star #1 of course.

To achieve this star, there are some simple and fun goals that will help even the most frustrated guitarists – the tasks for this level are specifically created to give you confidence so you can build from there.

The “5-Star Award” begins on Friday when I release it for Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy members.

Achieving the five stars isn’t just about playing the right notes…

It’s a testament to your dedication, growth, and musical prowess.

Progressing on the guitar is something that deserves to be celebrated.


Find out more about the Academy and the new “5-Star Award” below.

The Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy

Keep strumming, keep achieving!

Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination


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