On certain days over the course of December and the festive period, I’m doing something a little different.

That is…


I’m having a sale on some of my best courses for a very short period of time.

24 hours for each.

The people who only joined this email list for the free stuff probably won’t like it much…

But all the courses are affordable for most, so everyone else should enjoy it.


I’ll still be sharing valuable tips, lessons from my experience of teaching, and I’ll be helping to motivate you throughout.

Today, I want to begin by asking you something important. 

How many songs have you started but never finished?


I ask this question simply because we’ve all been there…

Started learning something, enjoyed it, but then…

Found it hard, stopped, maybe tried again, and then got distracted… Only to forget all about it.

Why does this happen?

Well, life can get in the way, and other distractions can take over.


When I was a teenager, I’d probably learnt 30 bits and pieces of songs.

Then two of my best friends and I decided to form a band.

Me, Phil, and Jay got in the studio…

We started jamming.

The trouble is, we didn’t have any complete songs.

We couldn’t even play through one song!


We learnt a lot that day.

The main lesson was that finishing songs is essential.

You don’t need to finish every song you start…

…but everyone should have some complete songs.

Another lesson was to make sure your drummer can keep time (sorry Jay!).


And for me, I also discovered that if you want to play standing up, you need to practise standing up. I say that because I’d never practised standing up before that day.

I had to sit playing on a stool in the studio, which was comical and embarrassing.

It was a fun time though.

Anyway, some of the above advice will be more relevant than others…


But speaking of songs, the first course I’m putting on sale for the 24-hour sale is the Tom Dooley Mini Masterclass.

This is one of my all-time favourite songs to play on the guitar.

The story behind the song is great.

The melody is wonderful…

And the Travis picking arrangement is one I’m proud of.


If you want to play a very cool arrangement, then check it out below.

It does take focus, but it’s a mainstay in my repertoire of songs.

I have no doubt if you learn it, it will be in yours too. You can take a listen below…

Tom Dooley – Travis Picking Mini Masterclass


And don’t worry, I won’t be getting you to play it standing up, unless you want to, of course…

Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination


P.S. Me and Phil and Jay are still good buddies to this day, and those band practices were fun. I might well share some more stories from those days of finding my feet as a musician.


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