Here are two more interesting emails and comments I have got lately.

I hope you find the emails and my thoughts useful…

Email #1

“Dan……Wanted to share a thought with you. I reread the Mark Knopfler quote you had posted and a bolt of lightning struck me mentally and emotionally.

I am not learning or playing to bring joy to others. I am doing so for very personal and selfish reasons. That mindset takes a feeling of responsibility away from the journey. I feel so ashamed that I have not focussed on others to this point.

I think Mark REALLY hit the target with this quote.”



I’m not sure what the quote was (it was probably posted quite some time ago).

I can see the point Dennis is making here…

…but I always say to students, you should play for yourself first and foremost.

It’s like being on an aeroplane when there is an emergency.

You put your oxygen mask on first and then you help others put theirs on.

A wild analogy I know, but the point is…


If you try to play for others to make them happy, without making yourself happy first, then it is futile.

You likely won’t enjoy the journey as much.

Playing for others can mean a lot of things – performing for a loved one, playing an open mic, teaching someone who is new, etc.


If you play for yourself, fall in love with the guitar, and get to a standard you are happy with, then playing for others and sharing your music is a wonderful thing.

…But it’s also a very personal journey and I get why many want to keep it that way.

Still, if you have the desire to play for others one day (even just an inkling), I absolutely encourage you to start thinking about it because it is a fun experience.

Just make sure you do what suits you at a time and place that suits you.


Email #2

“I think you need to put this out in the universe with your video and step by steps.  Use me for an example of the older guitar player. I’m in my early 60’s, fit, smart, work full time, got a lot going on, right… I make guitar practice a priority but I need a kick in the ass.  Reading does not help me. I’m visual. My eyes are also tired after working all day and many people have their heads in a computer reading spreadsheets or whatever all day.

Although your steps here with the Triads are SUPER AMAZING, I still need a person – YOU- to go over it with me and I want to see you and hear you. I would think I’m not alone in that.

This would be so incredible. You have done an outstanding job with this, Dan. It does make sense, but I (personally) need to see you and hear you. I have so many books on guitar, and being the squirrel that I am, I rarely stay focused longer than 5 minutes and I start strumming something from left field.  

Seeing you keeps us on track and focused. That is my 2 cents.”



Well, you might be wondering what Susan was talking about.

It is this four-part lesson on “Triads” I created many years ago.

I put a lot into creating that lesson back then.

I created this before Archie was born, so I had loads more time, haha. It was actually Archie’s 8th birthday yesterday (he had a great day).

Anyway, Susan wants me to turn this into a course.

I’m considering it. Next year, I’d like to release a few more Mini Masterclass courses.


Here are some options I’m thinking about:

1 – A “Triads” course (which is great for learning, understanding, and using the fretboard)

2 – Refilming and revamping my old Ninja Chord Changes course.

3 – How to play blues lead guitar for beginners (I’d even get an electric out for that, which is rarely seen these days on camera, haha)


There are so many things I want to share.

I’ll probably do a proper ‘poll’ soon but I’m curious which of the above three courses appeals to you most?

…Or is there something else you have a real burning desire to learn or improve?

Anyway, I always appreciate all your replies.


Okay, so that’s what’s maybe coming next year.

Tomorrow, I’ll be talking about something else entirely – which I know will nark a small percentage of people (mainly those who sign up to this free email list but then moan when I sell something). The rest of you though, will no doubt find it fun.

It really depends.

For now, I hope you have a great day and don’t forget to hit reply and let me know what you want to learn more of.



Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination


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