If you have already downloaded the free eBook – Fingerstyle 101: : Learn 8 Beautiful Fingerpicking patterns That Every Guitarist Should Know, then you will have come across this simple but wonderful sounding fingerpicking pattern.

Now you can watch the video too. Some guitarists learn better via video and some via tab and eBooks. Most however learn better with a combination of both, so get the eBook out and watch the video to learn this super cool pattern.

It’s simple in premise but that doesn’t mean it is easy. Start off slow and build up the speed. I can’t emphasise this enough. It’s all about building up the muscle memory in that picking hand.

Most of all, have fun with this very stylish pattern.

If you haven’t yet got the eBook which is currently free and has lots of 5 star ratings on Amazon throughout the world, then get it from this link HERE.

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