There are thousands and thousands of chords you could learn, but the truth is you will never use most of them. In my experience most guitarists will use the same chords over and over again for 90% of their playing.

These chords are the 10 in my free report,  The 10 Chords That Every Guitarist Needs To Know. 

These are what all beginner students should learn over the first 3-6 months of their guitar playing. Once learnt you’ll be able to play most strumming songs.

You may need a capo, but these ten chords and a capo will allow you to play the vast majority of strumming songs and are the base for a lot of fingerpicking songs too.

Learn them and take your time with them. Just like any chord, there are alternate ways to play them so experiment with using different fingers if the suggested fingering is awkward for you.

Once you have learnt these 10 crucial chords, it’s time to learn the next set which you can find here.

Download your free mini report today from the following link…

Guitar Domination Freebies – Essential Chords

If you want to check out my much more in-depth resources you can do so here.


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Elizabeth Halstead
December 28, 2021 Reply

I have a guitar but do not know how to play it
Please teach me
Thank you

February 13, 2024 Reply

I have been approved to receive your email with free books plus other emails but this has not arrived –

Dan Thorpe
February 15, 2024 Reply

Hi Sandra,

We’ve just sent over the books via email. If you could also check for an earlier email from us, asking to confirm your email, and just click the confirmation link in that email to make sure your email is approved. If you have any issues, please feel free to email us and our team will make sure to help you resolve the issue.

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