If you read yesterday’s email/post, you’ll know that I was doing something very different…

It was a little lottery/riddle/competition…

To win the “Gatekeepers bundle” for just $1 (which featured $405 worth of my courses).


Well, rather shockingly (at least to me)…

Teresa Halvorson-Fox solved the riddle and won within 20 minutes of me sending out the email!


I’m impressed.

I honestly didn’t expect anyone to solve it and win that fast.

…but like Teresa said when she replied to me she is competitive! This is a little from her email reply to me after I congratulated her:

I did try to hint that I am very competitive last time I communicated with you.  I actually had solved and bought within two minutes of finishing reading the email. I totally love everything I am getting from you and these extra courses and books are going to keep me busy for quite a while. Thank you so much!”


Teresa is smart and also a very dedicated student, which is what I love.

She also opens up my emails right away by the looks of it (which I also love).

Anyway, I figured it would take at least a few hours for anyone to crack this, but well done to Teresa!

The problem is with it being solved so fast…

A lot of you missed out on the opportunity to take part


I could say, “You snooze, you lose.”

…Just as Archie says to me whenever he gets the last slice of garlic bread at dinner time (he loves garlic bread that boy ha-ha).

But I like to keep things fun and don’t want you to miss out on taking part should you want to do so.

So, I decided in the spirit of Christmas…

I’m bringing the Gatekeeper’s bundle back for one last time


Now, in case you missed yesterday’s email…

This is how it works.

You can win five of my best courses which are the:

1 – 12-Bar Blues Course

2 – Tom Dooley Travis Picking Course

3 – The No Chord Fingerstyle Course

4 – The Fingerstyle Collection Course: Pro Version

5 – The Guitar Domination Super eBook Bundle

That totals $405 in real-world value of these super high-quality resources…

All for just $1 for one lucky winner.


Here’s a summary of how to win:

Go to the checkout page below and then…

Enter the number in the coupon area and then hit “apply”.

– If you have the correct four-digit code, the page will show a reduced price of $1.

– If the price on the page doesn’t change, the code is incorrect.

– The number is between 0000 and 1999 – pure numbers, no letters, spaces, symbols, or complications.

Be the first to crack the code in this exciting race, and you’ll walk away with the jackpot.


Here is the link…

Enter “The Gatekeeper’s Bundle”


I must say I won’t be doing this again (at least not for quite some time – if ever).

If this gets cracked straight away again, please don’t blame me!

Enjoy and don’t wait around.


We know what happened yesterday!

Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination


P.S. You might wonder how Teresa solved the code so fast yesterday.

Well, right at the bottom of the email yesterday, I had multiple “P.S.” additions to the email. The very last P.S. was a riddle/poem.

It describes various events in the life of the legendary guitarist, Paul Simon, but without me mentioning his name. The final line was a hint as to how to find the answer… which was the year of his birth – 1941.

It always pays to read the P.S.!


P.P.S. Will there be a clue today? If so, surely it will be harder to crack than an Eric Clapton masterpiece…




P.P.P.S. Give me a ‘signe’, from your watery eyes in heaven, take a moment before you accuse me of running on faith.

Enter “The Gatekeeper’s Bundle”



P.P.P.P.S. This post was originally taken from Dan Thorpe’s private email list. To get blog posts like this sent to you which are full of great tips to make fingerpicking, strumming, and learning guitar more enjoyable (especially if you are over 40) join Dan’s list. It’s 100% free, HERE.

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