It’s almost Christmas, so over the next few days, I want to do something VERY different.

The final few “Danta Claus Is Coming to Town” offers are going to be for things you’ve never seen before….

At least not from me.

They are wild and wacky.


Today’s offer is all about having fun.

It is actually more like a lottery than an offer.

…And it comes courtesy of the Gatekeeper of the Acoustic Asylum.

(You might need to listen to my podcast if you have no idea who he is yet.)

He has something special for you this Christmas.


He wants one lucky person to get five of my best courses for just $1

It’s his Christmas gift…

But it comes with a twist.

There is a puzzle he wants you to solve.

He’s the Gatekeeper after all and he takes great delight in playing games…

…And he never wants to make life easy for you when it comes to your guitar playing…

Even when he’s feeling generous.


“So what are the courses and how the heck do I get them?”

They are my Mini Masterclass courses which are the:

1 – 12-Bar Blues course (worth $57)

2 – Tom Dooley Travis Picking course (worth $57)

3 – The No Chord Fingerstyle course, featuring “Amazing Grace”, “Streets of Laredo”, and “America the Beautiful”. This course is not even for sale on its own – a few months ago, only DTAA members could get it. It’s again available for all DTAA members so you can join to get it – therefore the value of this is the price of one month of the membership, which is currently $37 for one month).

…Plus, he wants to give you:

4 – The Fingerstyle Collection Course: Pro Version (worth $197)


5 – The Guitar Domination Super eBook Bundle (worth $57)

That totals $405 of super high-quality resources.


…All for just $1 for one lucky winner

“What the heck?” You might be thinking.

Has the Gatekeeper been knocking back too many glasses of mulled wine this year?

Has he overindulged in mince pies and ice cream (what a great combo)?

…Or has he been watching It’s a Wonderful Life too many times and feeling touched by the spirit of the movie (probably my favourite Christmas movie by the way, along with Bad Santa – haha).


Anyway, enough waffling about the Gatekeeper…

Here’s how to win


I’ve set up this offer with a special coupon code that drops the price to just $1.

To snag this awesome discount…

All you have to do is punch in the correct coupon code on the checkout page.

Once the correct code is entered, you will see the price on the checkout page change to $1.


Hit “Apply” and watch that price magically drop

You will know you have input the correct code when it drops to $1.

Of course, there is only one winner for these.


If the price doesn’t change on the checkout page, the coupon is incorrect.

So, it’s a race – the first person to nail the right code walks away with the jackpot.

Now, about that code…

The Gatekeeper has created…


A 4-digit number, totally random between 0000 and 1999

Why that range?

Well, it’s tough but not impossible for someone to crack it within 24 hours. And with the number of folks receiving this email, the odds shoot way up.

Just to be crystal clear – there are no letters, spaces, symbols, or fancy stuff. It’s a straightforward four-digit number.


So here’s the deal:

If you’re the first to guess the code…

Enter it in the “coupon” section of the site…

Hit “Apply”, watch the price drop to $1, and then make that purchase – you’ve just hit the jackpot!

If no one cracks it in 24 hours, the Gatekeeper’s bundle disappears.



If you already have any or all of these courses, you can still win by following the above instructions. I’ll be in touch as to how you can have other courses added to your account to make up the total value of this bundle… meaning everyone can get involved.


It’s a bit of fun and I can’t imagine I’ll ever do this again.

Of course, this isn’t about me making any money (I think the Gatekeeper needs the $1 bus fare though), but it’s a bit of fun.

Here is the page to enter the code once you work it out.

Can you win “The Gatekeeper’s Bundle?”


Like I always say, guitar playing should be fun…

And that goes for learning the instrument AND the whole experience.

Happy code-cracking!

Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination


P.S. Thanks to the Aussie legend, Daniel Throssell for inspiration for this idea.

P.P.S. You might think that inputting 1999 potential different numbers is going to take time, so keep reading.






P.P.P.S. Were you expecting a clue or two here for the number? Nope. Kidding, keep reading for a lovely poem that is also a clue courtesy of the Gatekeeper himself.




P.P.P.P.S. I’m glad you read this far down…


Two voices soared, touched the sky so high,

With Arthur’s harmonies, they serenaded nigh.

A bridge over waters, ballad’s embrace,

In Central Park’s delight, a legendary gig takes place.

Sounds of silence, a whispered delight,

Our man, our hero, he fingerpicks so bright

Heart-wrenching breakup, not just with Art,

But with Carrie Fisher, a poignant restart.

Now, the number hides, a musician’s heart

Uncover the year of this guitarist’s start.



If you know what the answer is, enter it in the “coupon” section on this page… Win “The Gatekeeper’s Bundle”.



P.P.P.P.P.S. This post was originally taken from Dan Thorpe’s private email list. To get blog posts like this sent to you which are full of great tips to make fingerpicking, strumming, and learning guitar more enjoyable (especially if you are over 40) join Dan’s list. It’s 100% free, HERE.

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