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Over the years, I’ve noticed a fair few things that my most successful students have in common.

One of these is that quite early on, they’ve often found a special piece they love to play.


For them, this is a piece of music that they love to practise, they enjoy perfecting every single day, and they never seem to get bored of.

Even when they do take a break from the piece, they usually come back to it highly charged to practise and perfect it even more.


Do you have this special piece yet?

If not, don’t worry, a lot of guitarists out there search for a piece of music like this for a long time.

It’s not easy finding it.

That’s because, as we all know, there are 1000s upon 1000s of songs out there to learn.

…And there are so many things in the guitar world (and the world in general) that want our attention.

…But finding a “go-to” piece like this is important because it can stop you from hopping around from song to song.

It can stop you from feeling lost when it comes to knowing what to practise each day.


You may even have already found a piece like this, and if so, great.

Or you might have previously had a piece like this in your locker, but for some reason, you forgot about it.

It’s actually pretty common to spend months learning a song, perfecting it, only to forget all about it until months later when something reminds you of it.

(That’s one reason I say get a notebook and make lists of the key things you learn – e.g., a list of all the songs you play).

I’ve made that mistake myself a fair-few times and still do occasionally.

But you might even have multiple songs like this that you truly love to practise.

And if so, that’s great.


…But if you’re struggling with any song, it would be easy to say, “learn this song”, or “learn that song”, but the truth is, no one can tell you what the best song of all time is to learn.

It’s subjective.

But I urge you to think back through all the songs you’ve ever learnt, started learning, or really wanted to learn.

Is there anything there that truly makes your heart sing?

If so, maybe that song could be “the one”.


Keep on striving to find the song or songs you truly love to play because when you do find it, guitar playing gets even more joyous and exciting…

And the chills you get when you nail it are pretty awesome.

There’s one song that has pretty much always been well-loved by many of my students and I would start them off with it very early on (usually within a few weeks).

The song is “Romanza” and it’s a “show-stopping” song (that anyone can learn) that I teach as a finale in the 7-Day Transformation Course.

This song is still a joy for me to play and I know a whole host of my students still enjoy it to this day.


You can check out the 7-day course below.

Find out more about the 7-Day Transformation Course


Have a great day

Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination


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