Here’s a good 10-second tip for you as we head towards the end of the year.

It’s one that can help motivate you, make you a happier guitarist, and keep you inspired as we move into 2023.

It’s all about the:

“Gratitude Attitude”


There’s quite a bit of research out there about the effects of writing down things in life that you are thankful for.

Doing so is proven to increase happiness and motivation.

So for us guitarists, one thing that I recommend you do is to get a notebook.

Notebooks are not only useful to help you keep track of the songs you learn, give you key reminders, set goals, and basically organise your practice…

…But they can help with happiness and motivation too.


So I recommend you write down three things that you are thankful for in terms of your guitar playing.

This can be being thankful for a compliment you got from a loved one, the joy of mastering a tricky chord change, the buzz you got from playing a song, or just being thankful for having the opportunity to learn guitar.

It can be anything really.

Some people write these things daily, once per week, or when they feel they need it.

Either way, this takes just a minute or two.

So whether you use a notebook or not (even doing it on a piece of paper will help), give it a go…

…And write down three things you’re grateful for with your guitar playing.

There’s solid evidence to suggest it’ll make you a happier guitarist, and this means more motivation and joy.

I hope you give it a go!


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Merry Christmas and happy holidays!


Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination


P.S. Here are three things that I’m thankful for in terms of my playing:

  • Good health which allows me to play guitar
  • A little jam I had earlier on where I wrote the backbone to a new song
  • To every single one of YOU reading this. You reading my emails and putting faith in me allows me to have a career doing what I love – teaching guitar. For that, I’m always incredibly grateful. So, thank you!


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