Back in about 2015, I was rather chubby.


Every now and then someone reminds me of this when they see an old YouTube video of mine.

It makes me laugh a little and horrifies me more when I look back…

…but I did have a few issues with my weight.

The reason:

I loved food too much and was in denial.


I used to go to the local Tesco supermarket and pick up these delicious mouth-watering baked treats.

There were four freshly baked little sweet goodies in a box.

Inside, you had a little custard one, a “cinnamon swirl”, a pecan one, and a jammy one.

They would just melt in the mouth.


In fact, they were the only thing that got me to exercise back then.

When I was losing weight, I’d go to the gym, which was about 2 minutes away from the supermarket…

…train my backside off for an hour, and then let myself have just one of those magical treats.

They were my irresistible pieces of food and they worked to inspire me to exercise and sort my weight out once and for all.


The reason I’m telling you this is because with the guitar, one of the best ways to improve is to have an “irresistible piece”.

That is, a song or piece of music that massively motivates you to want to play each and every day…

Something that just makes you want to run home to practise…

And something that drives your loved one mad you play it so much, but it is one that also delights them when they hear you play.


Having a piece of music like this is massively motivating, much like how my little treats always motivated me to get to the gym to train hard.

A lot of people sell you the dream that more songs, more techniques, and more ideas are better.

After all, there are a limitless number of songs to learn.

…BUT, perfecting one piece you truly love that excites you is far better than learning 20 pieces not very well.


That’s why in my teaching, although there is plenty to learn, I put a big emphasis on playing everything with precise, proper, and perfect technique

…And not learning too many things.

Instead, aiming to help you learn your irresistible piece to the highest standard you can play it.


One of the ways I have done this is by creating a section in my membership where you can upload a video of you playing your irresistible piece to share with others…

…and also, if you get stuck with it, a place you can ask for feedback and support to help you over the hurdle.


That is just one of the very small coaching benefits of the EGIC.


Check out the EGIC to find out more 

Have a great day and let me know, what is your “irresistible piece”?


Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination


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