Most of you know how important it is to eventually learn the notes on the fretboard, but most guitarists struggle with it.

Over the years, I have had some really good success with students here, mainly by using games, quizzes, and tests to help them learn it and remember it faster.

Here is one of those super simple games.

I call it the “Spelling Bee” game.

It goes like this:


Below are five words which all use only the notes from the musical alphabet.

These notes are:



The aim of the game is to be able to “spell” out five words on the fretboard, one string at a time.

For example, the word FADE.

Can you play the four notes that spell FADE, on the A string?

To do so, you would play the notes on frets

8 0 5 7 

…as this would give you the notes of…

F A D E.


Here are some more words and some random strings to try it out on.

BEAD – G string

DECAF – low E string

FACED – D string

AGED – B string

BADGE – A string

CAFE – high E string


Try it.

See if you can work out those notes on the fretboard.

It is something I like all students to be able to do.

It’s a bit of fun and a nice little exercise.


If you are new to learning the fretboard, take your time and aim to find the notes for the words above on just one string, to begin with (any string you are comfortable with).


For those who know the fretboard inside out, you can do all of the above…

…but either way, aim to play each note smoothly and make them all sound as good as possible.


To find out the answers to the above…

…get detailed training on learning where the notes on the fretboard are in two simple steps…

…AND get a paperback version of my book, Guitarists Get Theory (which will help you learn the fretboard in a clear way) delivered to your door for free…

Take a look at my EGIC membership.

It is all in there.

This game is actually part of the new Quiz feature in the EGIC.

The Quiz feature is something inspired by watching re-runs of my favourite game shows when I was younger (like a geek).

But science has proven for many years that testing is one of the keys to learning more, learning faster, and remembering better.

Therefore, you will find more quizzes like this which are an exciting part of what the EGIC is about!

Have a great day!


Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination

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