I’m thinking of starting a new little feature of three things that relate to guitar playing in some sort of way, such as three guitar playing tips, and doing this each week.

It could be fun and hopefully, it will help you in a few ways as well as give you some tips and insights into what has been happening in my life and teaching studio lately.


1 – Using a timer is powerful

As time management is something I always want to improve on (especially with my work) I recently took the advice of the copywriter Gene Schwartz and started to set timers for my workday.


Now, whenever I do any work task, I ask my Amazon Alexa to set a 30-minute timer, then I get cracking. When the timer is up, Alexa’s lovely voice tells me and I get up, take a 5-minute break and repeat. It is really useful, and you can use this sort of thing with your guitar playing too.


Being more aware of time since I’ve started doing this last week has been really useful and I’ve definitely been more productive. Try it with your playing.



2 – Technique is key, and I have written a book on it

I’m rather excited. This is because my new eBook, Essential Guitar Technique, is being finalised. The book features 19 short and straight to the point fixes for improving the most common technical issues. A lot of guitarists will find this very useful and many of the guitar playing tips can help them on their journey.


The book will be for sale as part of my Super eBook Bundle. Anyone who has bought this bundle in the past (or future) will get this latest eBook at no cost. The books already in the bundle are great but a technique book is something I have always felt was needed to “complete” the bundle and this one will be the one I recommend everyone read first.


Some of you will ask if the book will be out on its own or in paperback. Maybe, but if so, it will probably cost about as much as the bundle costs now. I’ll release more details on this when the book is ready for release (probably this week) but below is the link if you want to get the bundle and pre-order the Essential Guitar Technique book. I’m excited to get this one out there.


Guitar Domination Super eBook Bundle


3 – Archie started school!

The biggest news in my life is that my four-year-old son, Archie, has started school. Since he was a baby, the two of us have spent a lot of time together (due to me being able to work my own hours). These years have been the best of my life and I’ll be honest, waving him off at the school gates last week was hard. Especially in this covid climate where he had to walk in on his own with their being a clear barrier between the parents and the school.


He’s a confident lad but I could see he was nervous and not being there with him was tough. Especially as in the past, parents would get to stay with their kids and get them warmed up and used to school.


Still, when I went to collect him, he came out and gave me a big thumbs up and the biggest smile. That absolutely made my day. The years have flown by and although I’m a little sad at less time together, it’s his time to flourish at school now and that I am happy for. Just another reminder to enjoy your days, whether in life or with your guitar playing.


Anyway, there is a random bunch of things for you, including a couple of guitar playing tips. If you enjoyed the email, let me know and I’ll make this more of a regular feature!


Have a super Tuesday!


Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination


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