Many of you may be looking for guitar practice tips on how to be more disciplined about picking up your guitar and playing. Us human beings certainly are creatures of habit.

We often take comfort in doing the same things each day and each week.


Like drinking the same beer or wine, eating the same takeaway foods, walking round the grocery shop in the same order, and if you are like me, weirdly…

Turning off the switches in the kitchen in the same order before I leave the house (probably a sign of OCD!)


Anyway, we can use this little quirk of human nature to our advantage.


Especially when it comes to playing the guitar more.

Some of you already have great habits where you play every day and if so, keep it up.

Others though, usually the really busy ones, not so much.


If you feel guilty that you don’t play guitar enough, yet you love it or want to get to the point you love it, simply do this…


Pick up the guitar every single day and strum one chord.


It sounds simple, but the commitment of one chord can be powerful.

The idea is to get you to pick up the guitar every day, and of course…

One chord leads to many more minutes of playing and if not, at least…


You have got into the habit of picking up your guitar daily.


If you don’t feel like playing any more, just put it down again.

Often for those lacking in time, picking it up in the first place is the hardest part.

Yet when they get going, they don’t want to put it down. If you get in the groove, you can jam until your heart is content (or the other half is shouting upstairs, “for crying out loud, c’mon we are going to be late”).


The most important thing is that you make it a habit to pick it up and play each day.


From today on, I want to challenge you to play the guitar every day for the next 30 days.

Even just one chord a day.

Give the 30-day challenge a go as your playing will be better for it and if you complete it, you will have started a new positive habit – one which many of you crave.


If you want to know exactly what to practise for the next 30 days and want some guitar practice tips, then check out the “30-day plan” in my membership programme.


There is more to it than just this, but being guided every day for a whole month is certainly one powerful aspect of it. Find out more below…


Elite Guitarist Inner Circle


Have a great day.


Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination


P.S. If you are going on holiday or you will be away from your guitar, that is no excuse. You can always play your “air guitar”!


P.P.S. This post was originally taken from Dan Thorpe’s private email list. To get blog posts like this sent to you which are full of great tips to make fingerpicking, strumming, and learning guitar more enjoyable (especially if you are over 40) join Dan’s list. It’s 100% free, HERE.


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