In response to my email asking how he was getting on with Fingerstyle 101, this is what Ted said:


“Hi, Dan the book is brilliant, this is the best guitar tutorial I have come across.

You seem to have looked at what every other guitar tutor puts across, then you cover it all, but you fill in the gaping holes of information that most others just gloss over.

I’m going to learn a lot from you, thank you for being so thorough.

I’ll leave a good review on Amazon for you also.

Great system Dan, thanks.”


I think Ted has hit the nail on the head there when he says the book…

…“fills in the gaping holes that most others just gloss over” (and there are many).

I have never been arrogant enough to think I know it all (far from it) and I have always looked at different schools of thought to take the best from them all.

Most guitar tuition can be broken up into two schools.

  • Classical method – which is heavy on perfection, technique, accuracy, and proper learning.
  • Modern method – based around fun, variety, learning the songs you love, jamming, and playing music for you and in a laid-back way.


Both methods are good in their own way but there are flaws to both.

Classical tuition can be painstakingly boring and irrelevant for the student who wants to learn to fingerpick folk like James Taylor and Paul Simon.

On the other hand, the “modern” method has no structure, barely even a footnote on playing with proper technique, and most people struggle to make the music sound actually… musical.


My aim with Fingerstyle 101 was always to combine the best of both worlds…

Make guitar playing fun, enjoyable for you…

…While teaching you how to learn, practise, and play the proper way.

…And all with a close eye on helping you to prevent forming any bad habits and to help fix any that you have already picked up.


Anyway, I’m not one to toot my own horn, so I appreciate emails and reviews like this.

If you want to see dozens of more reviews for the book, and try it for yourself, (it is very inexpensive), you can do so below.

Fingerstyle 101 – the best of both worlds


Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination


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