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I don’t know if you heard but last week the James Webb Telescope sent its first images back to Earth.

Wow, some of the images are stunning.


I’ve always found space fascinating.

And this got me thinking there are two very strong parallels between the vastness of space…

…And strangely, guitar playing.

Here are my thoughts on this…


#1 The guitar is like space where the possibilities are endless

I love the unknown, endless possibilities and sheer vastness of space.

I mean, there are so many different directions our astronauts and space probes can travel in.

It can be mind-blowing when we stop to think about it.


This is a bit like how I feel about guitar too.

There are a limitless number of things we can learn on the guitar.

More than we can fit into one lifetime, for sure.

So many different paths we can go down…


And like studying the universe, the sheer vastness and possibilities can be overwhelming, but with a little focus, you can turn that feeling into excitement instead.

I mean, yeah, there are a million things to practise on the guitar, like there are a million planets and stars to study.

This is exciting because it gives us options.

…But don’t try to learn it all, focus on one thing at a time.


Do the guitar playing equivalent of sending a rocket into space, planting a foot on the moon, or colonising Mars.

In practical terms, this can mean focusing on one song, one technique, or one little fun thing to practise.

Keeping it simple and focused is, of course, very powerful indeed.


#2 – Looking backwards to move forwards

Another thing I love about space is the stars.

Especially the fact that when we look up and stargaze, we are looking at a memory.

The star is no longer there.


As is quite common knowledge, the stars we see in the sky died a long time ago.

It’s just we only see it now because the light took that long to reach us.

That blew me away the first time I heard it.


Music can be like this.

I’m not a retrospective person, but sometimes it’s good to remember the old days and loved ones from the past.

Playing music that reminds us of times gone by can be really healing, special, and can bring back nice memories.


I also find the music of yesterday can remind us how far we have come in life.

It can also give us hope and excitement for our next adventures, no matter what they are.

So, if there is a song you absolutely love or a style of music you love from your past, and it’s like a star shimmering in the night sky…

Definitely think about adding it to your repertoire.


…Not necessarily today, but at some point in the future.

It will be worth it.


Anyway, those are my slightly philosophical thoughts on space, the past, the present, and the future…

…And how the guitar can be a very special instrument in ways some people who don’t play it will never really understand.

So, like Han Solo ripping through space at hyper-speed in the Millennium Falcon, let’s make it happen for you.


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In the words of Buzz Lightyear, to infinity and beyond!

Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination


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