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I read this wonderful comment from Angela the other day.

This is what she said inside the 7-Day Transformation course…

“Damn it feels good to learn my first song! Such a pretty melody, thank you for this. Still get stuck on a few tricky areas but I’m improving and it’s sounding more and more melodic.

I’ve even started to close my eyes and feel where the frets are and how the melody flows which is helping the musicality of the piece.

It was a quote you said from a musician about how it must be hard for sighted people to learn music (I’m paraphrasing and can’t remember the musician but the essence of it really stuck with me!)”


The quote was from the great Doc Watson.

It is a quote that really resonated with me too.

We always think having the ability to see is an advantage.

Of course, it is in most walks of life.

…But on the guitar, your eyes can get in the way.

Using them too much can be a hindrance.


That’s why I urge you to do some practice every day with your eyes closed.

You can choose one piece of music to play, try it each day with your eyes shut, and over time, it will improve.

It’s a really powerful thing.

I’m loving Angela’s excitement too and a huge well done to her!

It really is wonderful being able to play your first song, especially one that is as beautiful as the one Angela is talking about.

…And even though it’s a great beginner tune, I still love playing this piece to this day.


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Keep rockin’ that guitar! 

Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination


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