leave the door ajar

Here’s another Friday 10-second tip for you.

…And it’s a little sneaky one if you want to build your confidence to play in front of others.

It’s all about leaving the door ajar.


It works like this:

Most of us practise in private where we don’t like others to hear us making mistakes.

…But every now and then it’s a good idea to play a piece of music in your practice room and leave the door ajar, so a loved one, or anyone who lives with you, can hear you play.



Because if they can hear you play a piece to a high standard…

They’ll likely compliment you afterwards.

This can be a huge confidence boost.

Plus, having that little bit of pressure, knowing someone may be listening, is a good thing.

It can help you to transition from not ever having played in front of others before to performing properly for loved ones (e.g. at Christmas).


Now, you might only want to ever play guitar for yourself.

That’s perfectly fine, of course, but like I say, having that little confidence boost of a compliment (no matter how small) can be a huge win.

So, give it a try.

Choose your best piece and one you know how to play well and go leave the practice room door ajar if you’re feeling up to it!


…And if you’re looking for a fun piece to play, either for yourself or in front of others, the five songs that feature in my book bundle can be a great choice to learn and play.

Learn classic songs and fix the stumbling blocks of guitar playing with the 7 eBook bundle


To your enjoyment…

Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination


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