like driving a car

I often compare learning guitar to learning how to drive a car.


I’m not sure what it’s like learning to drive a car for the first time in other countries, but here in the UK pretty much everyone I know hated it at first.

Me included.

So, whenever a student would feel frustrated with their progress, I’d remind them about this.

…About how learning to drive probably felt impossible at first, but now they do it in their sleep.

You might feel the same and there are some comparisons with guitar playing.


For example:

Slow chord changes can feel as cumbersome as changing gears, dealing with the clutch, and all while having to check your mirrors frequently.

Playing a song on guitar with lots of accidental pauses can feel like constantly stalling when trying to move the car.

Picking the wrong notes by accident can be like putting the car in the wrong gear and feeling that horrid jolt.


If you struggle with the guitar in any way, just think back to how learning to drive was tough at first.

…And if learning to drive was easy for you (maybe you learnt on an automatic!) or driving a car is not your thing…

There’s no doubt there are tonnes of other things in life you’ve achieved that were hard at first, but that you can do easily now.

Think back to these moments and realise what can feel impossible can become possible.

…Just like with anything else in life.


So, if your fingers feel as clumsy as an old Ford Orion (a car we had as a kid) freewheeling down the highway with a puncture, then you might want to check this out.

It’s my membership programme, which puts a big emphasis on fingerpicking, strumming, and other acoustic guitar-playing fun stuff.

Here’s the link to find out more:

The Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy


Enjoy your practice!

Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination



P.S. This post was originally taken from Dan Thorpe’s private email list. To get blog posts like this sent to you which are full of great tips to make fingerpicking, strumming, and learning guitar more enjoyable (especially if you are over 40) join Dan’s list. It’s 100% free, HERE.

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