playing real musicOne thing I like to do is make my courses interactive.

On each page on my website, where the courses are located, you can leave comments.

So far there are 3,432 comments.

Here are a few from Peter…


“Hello, my Name is Peter. I’m 72 years old and I bought an acoustic guitar a couple of months ago. I’ve been trying to learn chords and I’ve been struggling. I would just like to learn how to play a recognisable tune / finger pick a rhythm or strum properly. I hope that this course will help to do some of these things.”


What Peter said is not uncommon in the world of guitar playing.

I’m pleased he joined the course within a few months of him playing guitar, and not a few years or decades later.

That’s because there are so many guitarists (far too many, in fact) who struggle for a long time, never really being able to play a song or even a simple tune.

Well, here are a few more of Peter’s comments on the 7-Day Transformation course since:


Day 1“Very good advice. I feel a lot more relaxed and the notes sound better.”

That’s a great start and 99% of guitarists could do with the lesson I teach on day 1.

In fact, I’ve never taught a guitarist who didn’t play with too much pressure or tension at first (apart from brand new beginners who I get into good habits right away).


Day 2 – “That was really great! I can actually play a tune! Love the jokes!”

Brilliant. Within a couple of days of starting the course, Peter already achieved something he hadn’t in months – playing an actual tune!

The moment you hear real music you recognise coming out of your guitar is definitely one of those memorable moments in life.

For me, it was as memorable as my best gig, the first kiss with a girlfriend, or hearing the news of a new family member being born. Yes, it was that memorable! It’s nice to savour and cherish that time when you first heard real music come out of your guitar.


Follow-up comment“I’m really enjoying this, and my fingers don’t hurt!”

That’s great to know. No one should be playing guitar in pain, but sadly, too many do.

Just remember, it doesn’t have to be this way!

Anyway, as Peter goes deeper down the rabbit hole of guitar playing and making progress in the course, I’m sure he’ll update us on how he gets on.


For now, just realise you can make progress starting today.

You have a choice to either:

Plough on with YouTube videos teaching random songs and ideas in all sorts of complex ways, buy a course that is overblown and hard to finish… Or…

Get a short, sweet, and right-to-the-point course that you can complete in 7 days, which will take you through the fundamentals…

…While teaching you real music.


If you want the former, I can’t help you, but if the latter sounds good, you can have it, and all for the price of less than a few cheap guitar picks.

It’s all inside this course.

Find out more about the 7-Day Transformation Course


Hope you have a great day of practice! 

Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination


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