Years back, I remember watching the great Tommy Emmanuel’s “Beatles Medley”.

It blew me away.


There are many things that helped to propel him to guitar superstar status…

…but for many people, this was how they first discovered him. (You can find the medley on YouTube).

I was stunned by the power of the medley and watching him play all those old Beatles classics as a “one-man band”.


A good medley is, in my opinion, one of the most underrated gems in guitar playing.

Not only do medleys allow you to practise your repertoire more efficiently in less time, but…

They also give you a fun party piece to show off with (either to impress yourself or others).

And, of course, they help you practise a wider variety of skills than you would get just by practising one song.


That’s why I decided to create a really fun medley when I put together my Christmas Crackers course last month.

Unlike Tommy’s medley, the one I created is far simpler to learn than his masterpiece.

It’s a five-song stunning medley of tunes that lasts less than two minutes.

The medley is a PDF bonus which comes with audio (played at both full and slow speeds), but the main bulk of the course is all taught in HD video (and you get the TAB and notation).


For some, this medley may be a game-changer for your practice routine.

Picture yourself enjoying this musical journey just for your own satisfaction or witness the smiles of delight on your loved ones’ faces as they hear you playing these tunes at Christmas.

I’m convinced that even the Grinch would find joy in this medley and no doubt playing a medley like this will keep the Gatekeeper of the Acoustic Asylum away.

Anyway, for a few more hours, until 9 pm tonight UK time (1 pm Pacific time), the Christmas Crackers course will be on sale.

There’s far more to the course than just the medley, of course.


The details are below:

Christmas Crackers: Play 5 Beautiful Carols Perfect for Any Skill Level


Whether you get the course or not, it’s well worth thinking about how you can add a medley to your repertoire.

Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination


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