Welcome to a new Monday post with 3 random thoughts on all things guitar, music, and life, including thoughts on the Guitar Ghost of Christmas Past, my Christmas Crackers course sale, and a new comic.

Here we go…


#1 – Ghost of Christmas past

This week Archie is watching The Muppet Christmas Carol at school.

Which brings me to the “Guitar Ghost of Christmas Past”.

This ghost comes along every year to remind you about how you’ve gotten on with the guitar this past year.

What is this ghost telling you this year?

Have you had a good year on the guitar?

Does he praise you or chastise you?


I’d like to think he is a happy-go-lucky ghost who is full of optimism.

Truth be told though, for some guitarists, he might be more negative.

If you have struggled this year, don’t let him haunt you with negativity.

The past is the past.

We are heading towards 2024 (where has the time gone!) and the new year will be a new start.

The good thing is, you’re still here reading these emails, and that means you’re still playing (at least I hope so).

It’s wise to learn from the past but not to let it define you.


On the other hand, if you’ve had a good year on the guitar…

Keep up the momentum, reward yourself, give yourself credit where credit is due…

And let’s get geared up for an exciting 2024.


#2 – Comics

I love playing and teaching guitar.

It’s my passion.

I’m always looking at ways to make it more fun for me and you both.

That’s why this year I created the zany Acoustic Asylum podcast featuring the ghastly “Gatekeeper” and other characters.

The aim of the podcast has been to entertain while giving you many useful tips.


I didn’t want to just do a boring podcast with tips. I wanted to make it fun.

There’s lots more I want to do with this podcast, including the artwork that goes along with it.

I love imagery – especially in music.

For instance, artwork in album sleeves, music videos, and Pink Floyd-esque live light shows.

Imagery is powerful.

That’s why I’ve decided to create something fun for next year in my new book (I’ll explain more about the book soon).


I had three spare pages in the book where Parts 1, 2, and 3 begin.

“It’s fine to leave those pages blank, but why do that when we can have fun?” I thought.

So, I decided to write a mini comic book to put on those pages.

It’s three fun pages about a guitarist and his battle with the Gatekeeper of the Acoustic Asylum.

Honesty, even though it’s just a three-page bonus, I’ve been loving creating this.

The book itself is what I believe to be my best one yet, and I am thrilled it will be out soon… and this little bonus is just a nice tip of the iceberg.

For me, this shows how important it is to keep having fun when doing what we love.


#3 – Crackers

Today’s “Danta Claus Is Coming to Town” 24-hour sale is for my course:

Christmas Crackers.

It’s a video course that teaches you how to play five stunning Christmas carols ideal for beginners and intermediate guitarists.


The feedback on this has been great and here’s what just one person said about one of the carols inside:

“This is my favourite Christmas Carol so I have spent a bunch of time on it. Today I finally licked the little bit that wasn’t very smooth. Hubby heard me playing it and said, “That sounds really good.” I don’t play for him, just for me, but I won’t pretend that wasn’t nice to hear!” – Teresa


I love Christmas and the whole festive period and for me playing these carols really helped me get in the Christmas spirit (even when I was practising them back in September!).

Well, lately I’ve been working on other stuff so I haven’t played them as much.

…But having a blast over the weekend reminded me how much I enjoy the arrangements and…

How Christmas feels so much more exciting when you play songs and carols that bring this time of year to life.


So, if you have any Christmas songs, now is the time to work on them.

…And if you want some ready-made arrangements of five timeless carols that will impress you and your loved ones… and are perfect if you’re NOT a singer, don’t like strumming, or you want to play real music quickly, then check it out below.

For 24 hours only, you can get it at a discounted price:

Christmas Crackers: Play 5 Beautiful Carols Perfect for Any Skill Level


Have a great Monday and I hope you enjoy the festive period!

Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination


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