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Yesterday I asked you which songs you wanted to see in my new paperback book.

Thanks for all the replies. I’ve started sorting through them all!


Speaking of songs, one thing I encourage all beginners to do is to learn five songs from start to finish.

It doesn’t matter how simple the songs are.

All that matters is that they are fun to play, and you learn them to a good standard.


Why do I put such importance on this?

Basically, because learning five songs if you’ve never done it before, will help your playing in so many ways.

It’s the missing link between practising random things and helping you to become a real musician.


I think of it like this…

Practising techniques without putting them to use in real songs is kind of like a baseball pitcher knowing lots of pitches…

…but NEVER actually playing a game to use them in.

No one wants to be the person sitting on the sidelines admiring a great pitcher stealing the show!


For instance, there are countless guitarists out there who:

Know multiple chords

Have learnt a barre chord shape

Can play a scale or two

Play a few strumming and picking patterns

Have attempted a few random bits of songs

Tried strumming songs but found them boring

Know bits of theory

Learnt a few notes on the fretboard


The list could go on.

If this sounds like you but you don’t yet know how to play five songs, I urge you to make it your mission to do so.

Learning five songs from start to finish will help you connect the dots in your playing,


It will help you make the most of what you know.

…It will help you build an exciting repertoire.

…And it will give you a clear plan of what you need to work on.


Then, as you improve the songs, the above technical factors all start to align and make more sense.

So, with this in mind, what I’ve done is create a mini songbook.


It contains five songs.

All of which are simple, memorable, and fun to play.

You can learn the melodies for these songs.

…And/or you can learn the strumming parts.

You can then play along with the unique backing tracks, which will help you have more fun and perfect the songs.


I’ve just added this mini-PDF to my eBook bundle as a bonus and until the weekend, you can get the bundle at a reduced price.

So here it is:

Find out more about the new mini songbook and the eBook bundle here


Have a great day!

Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination


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