Today, I want to address a phrase that has irked me over the years…

It’s when someone says:


“I guess I’m not meant to be a guitar player.”

That’s a statement sometimes uttered when people explain why they’ve decided to quit playing the guitar.

I know that people come and go in the world of learning guitar…

But I really dislike this phrase for its defeatist, negative nature, and the way it almost tries to absolve individuals of their decision to quit.


The thing is, we’ve probably all thought this line at some point (I used to think it, many moons ago).

The underlying assumption when someone says this… is that some are blessed with an innate talent for playing the guitar… and others are not.

The reality, however, is quite different.

In my experience, everyone has to put in the hard work to progress.


If you’ve ever had these thoughts…

I’d urge you to listen to today’s episode of the Acoustic Asylum podcast titled:

“When the Gatekeeper Is Winning… (But How to Make Sure He NEVER Ends Your Guitar-Playing Dreams)”.


Inside, I share anecdotes from me getting in trouble at school printing off dozens of pages of TAB…

How to beat the randomness of the guitar world.

…And the transformative power of the instrument in our lives.

I also discuss overcoming challenges, and what to do if you ever feel the urge to say the above-mentioned ghastly phrase to yourself.

I have a little bit of a rant in the podcast, but that’s just because I’m passionate about the guitar and passionate about my belief that…

As long as you have the physical and mental capability, you can play guitar.


You can listen to the episode on Apple devices below…

Listen to the Acoustic Asylum

…Or you can listen in a variety of other ways HERE.


I hope you find the episode valuable on your journey.

If so, please give the episode a review.

Reviews not only let me know you appreciate the content but also help spread the word to others.


Don’t doubt yourself!

Keep at it.

…And enjoy the journey.

Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination


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