A few weeks ago, I asked if you all if you want a new feature called “10-second tips”. These will feature a super quick tip that takes about 10 seconds to explain.

Loads of you said yes, so I will try it out for a bit. If you like it, it will be a regular feature.

Here it is, a new “10-second tip”.

Stop looking back and forth at each hand as you play.


Many guitarists don’t realise they do this, but it is a bad habit to get into.

Generally, you must try to look at only one hand at a time as you play.

This will help you build muscle memory, accuracy, spatial awareness, confidence and…

More musicality.

Switching to look at another hand causes a pause in the music.

Imagine doing this 20-30 times per piece – which is what many beginners do.

Try filming yourself to see if you find yourself doing it.


For more help on playing, check out my Fingerstyle 101 book if you haven’t already.


I go into this in more detail there.

Have a great day!


Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination


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