piano man

I put the radio on today and heard Billy Joel’s classic tune, “The Piano Man”.

While not a guitar song, of course, this is a very special song.


It reminds me of John, a man I grew up next to as a kid.

I was always very fond of John and remember the day he moved in next door.

Over the years, there were many fun discussions on topics like music, sport, and history.

I remember one night when everyone was snowed in.

We were all in the local pub and at the end of the night, he belted out a rendition of “The Piano Man”.

It was great.


Sadly though, John passed away this time last year.

So, it was a bit of a coincidence hearing the song on the radio today.

John was in his late 60s and was fit.

He’d just gone for a run and sat down in his chair to rest afterwards.

Then he passed away, and that’s how my mom found him.

It was an awful shame.


One thing this story highlights is how powerful music is.

I mean, I just heard the song and then picked up my laptop to write as I had a tonne of memories come flooding back to me.

All from just hearing 30 seconds of a song.

For us musicians, this is powerful.

Because if you learn a song that has a lot of meaning, brings back memories, and makes you feel something…

…You’re far more likely to want to practise it, play it, stick with it, refine it, and maybe even perform it to loved ones at some point.


On the flip side, if you learn a song you only heard a few times on the radio, or are lukewarm about, it rarely has that power.

That’s why I always think it’s a good idea to learn at least one or two really emotive songs that mean a lot to you.

For me, choosing the actual song like this is one of the little secrets to improving faster.

It’s something to keep in mind, and I hope that was helpful!


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Have a nice day!

Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination


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