reasons to learn barre chords

There are many reasons to learn barre chords on the guitar.

One being that barre chords will give you lots of freedom on the guitar.

They will allow you to play more songs, jam more freely, and “unlock” the fretboard.

When a student starts using barre chords, it’s one of the key signs they’re no longer a beginner guitarist.

…And that they’re well on the road to becoming an intermediate or beyond guitarist.


Unlike some teachers, I’m not a fan of getting beginner students started off with barre chords too early.

That’s because there are other fundamental things to get sorted first.

These include nailing “Core Fundamental Technique”, hitting the goal of playing five songs, and getting a solid foundation of rhythm, timing, and other key things.

Saying that, once my students do start to get a decent foothold on the above things…

I like to encourage them to dabble with barre chords a little.

Usually for a few minutes per day.


There are two main reasons why:


Reason #1 – Barre chords played well will improve all your technique

Getting good at barre chords requires pristine technique.

Once you start to develop this technique, it improves all of your playing.

You see if you play barre chords with bad technique, they’ll cause pain and possibly injury.

So, you have to focus on precision.

If you keep this precision in mind when you play your open chords, scales, riffs, and songs, they’ll often be easier and more accurate.


Reason #2 – If you avoid barre chords now, you may hit a hurdle later on

If you avoid barre chords completely for years, and then one day think:

“Finally, I’m now ready for barre chords”…

You may find you hit a wall quickly.

Starting from scratch with barre chords can be overwhelming.

…But what if you’d spent some time over the previous few months/years preparing yourself for barre chords?


For instance, where you:

  • Play just one shape for a few minutes a day.
  • Practise your barre chords without too many expectations – just focus on refining the technique.
  • Get into good habits and build up a solid barre chord foundation.


Well, that’s precisely what I encourage most students to do.

I.e. don’t wait forever to learn barre chords.

If you’re ready to dabble with barres, your future self will thank you for it, and you’ll start to be able to play some very cool things in the near future.

Just a small amount of super-focused daily practice on barre chords can go a long way.

Of course, there are some things to watch out for and one thing, in particular, you must do when it comes to barre chords.


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Keep enjoying your playing…

Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination


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